How to Get Around in Venice (when you’re tired)

So your trusty sneakers are nearly worn out after treading the narrow streets and alleys, how else will you discover Venice?  If you are like the many visitors to Venice you will probably take the cheapest public transport option – the water buses, or vaporetti.  Venice’s ‘vaporetto’ system is not too difficult to master – the most confusing part of the process is trying to fathom the route map which can definitely bring your IQ into question – well, it does look like pieces of coloured spaghetti thrown onto a map.

These vaporetti give a wonderful perspective to the city that walking just can’t render – to see the impressive palaces which line the Grand Canal, with the gorgeous and elaborate facades is a wonderful experience.


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iphones and holidays can be a nightmare (iphone+holidays=holiday nightmare)

Even my friends will agree, as I tell them often enough, that I love my iphone.  But what I definitely don’t love is the shock of opening the bill when arriving home from Italy. I should know better – as I am aware that roaming charges are outrageous at around $7.00 a minute – and that is even if someone is calling you! But…there are always times when I have forgotten to turn my phone off and receive a call in the middle of the night, you know those calls…the local charity wanting to sell more raffle tickets. Even when I try to get them off the phone quickly, but politely, the call might have cost me $20 – ouch!

In addition to this, the iphone (and others) has a ‘fetch data’ function, which is great at home as all of your emails etc., are ‘pushed’ to your phone enabling you to check your mail in the coffee shop. This function overseas is a recipe for disaster – data charges can be huge.   Here are some great tips for avoiding a heart attack when opening your post holiday phone bill…… Continue reading

How to survive long haul flights

Australians know that if they want to travel to Europe, the first and last part of the trip can feel like slow and painful torture.  With nearly 24 hours in a plane…it just might seem like the longest day of your life.

What can we do to make our journey just that little bit better?

Well, this is stating the obvious – travel first class, or even business!  If this is just a dream  (and let’s face it, the price could be 3 or 4 times more) you need to make yourself as comfortable as possible.

If you are a frequent flyer  why not be a bit cheeky and on arrival at the airport, ask very sweetly and politely whether there might be any upgrades going?  You never know what can happen in a big city…  Make sure you are dressed as though you could afford this ticket, even if you can’t, as first impressions make a big difference.  If this fails here some tips to help you survive your flight… Continue reading