Vaporetto Dell’Arte – New Hop On Hop Off Water Bus in Venice


The locals must be ecstatic, I can almost hear a collective sigh of relief. At last the City of Venice has recognised the long over-due need for a dedicated vaporetto, or water bus, just for tourists. Venice is a stunningly gorgeous but special city, with canals replacing roads and boats by cars, and with a reportedly 15 million tourists a year something desperately needed to be done about the congestion on the vaporetto.


If you’ve ever been to Venice, you will know what I mean when I say it seemed almost impossible at times to squeeze one more person on these sometimes overloaded vessels – although I don’t know whether I’ve ever heard of one sinking. With Venetian children on the way to school, mothers shopping for the weekly groceries or business men on their way to work, I for one always felt guilty when taking up valuable space toting my luggage onto the vaporetto.

The route taken by the Vaporetto Dell’Arte will not replicate the normal service, but rather have stops where the bulk of tourists really want to go, near to museums, galleries and points of interest.  And just like the hop on hop off bus in all major cities it will have an audio, in five different languages, pointing out places of interest along the way.


Of course, these new ‘tourist’ vaporetto are older vaporetto which have been completely refurbished, including a video screen in the back of the seats.  You will be supplied with a little ‘package’ with ear plugs and a map of the route along with information on the museums and galleries etc that also offer discounts when combined with the purchase of the Vaporetto Dell’Arte.  The other wonderful aspect of the service is that when you combine your ticket purchase with the normal ACTV vaporetto (local service) you can get some great discounts.

The normal ticket will cost around 24 euros for 24 hours, but if you combine both the local service with the Vaporetto Dell’Arte it will cost just 30 euros – a very good deal. These must be puchased at the same time.So if you are planning a trip to Venice remember to plan, plan and plan.  These tickets can be bought online at but you must do it 7 days before you intend on using them.  While you are there, on the Venice Connected website I mean, you might want to purchase a toilet card….yes, a toilet card.  This will save time and money if using the facilities which can be so expensive.  Buying in advance will award you a discount – but this will still be the most expensive ‘tinkle’ you’ve ever had.

Check out the Vaporetto Dell’Arte website and video for more information here….

Happy Travelling.


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