How to find a great restaurant experience in Positano

If you haven’t yet picked up the book My Amalfi Coast by Amanda Tabberer (the daughter of a well know Australian television personality Maggie Tabberer) and you are toying with the idea of visiting the Amalfi coast – a word of advice – go straight to the bookshop to buy it, or at least have a flick through.  This colourful coffee table book is a treasure trove of information on the Amalfi coast with the most brilliant photographs which showcase the attraction of this most stunning area.  The book really should be a bible for anyone wanting to visit this splendid part of Italy and will encourage visitors to step out to the other lesser known villages along the coast instead of sticking to the better known towns, and tourist haunts, such as Amalfi, Sorrento and Positano.

Always on the look out for some new eating experiences, I flicked through the book and found Da Adolfo, and of course also listened to recommendations from others who had stayed in Positano and visited Da Adolfo more than once (what a great recommendation!). It seems as though Amanda had a bit of a vested interest in recommending this Positano institution – she was married to Sergio the son of the original owner and lived in Positano for 18 years, which explains her intense knowledge of the area – but her recommendation was spot on!

Da Adolfo is in a small cove next to the main beach in Positano. You are met on the wharf  in Positano by Da Adolfo’s boat – what a fantastic way to be ferried to lunch – this really gets you in the mood for what’s in store. This restaurant is quite different in that it is a real beach restaurant and you sit at the table with sand in your toes eating the freshest catch of the day – delicious.  I love the idea that all of the day’s menu is on a blackboard – sometimes with lines crossing off the fish as they were devoured by the hungry mob.

The very friendly waiters explained all of the catch of the day and how it would be cooked – mostly simply grilled – we started with the aromatic version of buffalo mozzarello grilled on lemon leaves – the smell was sensational, and the taste, just perfect. But the restaurant also caters for others who don’t eat fish, and the couple in our party who chose other items on the menu were equally as happy with their choices.

After drinking the very presentable table wine, we decided to indulge in a variety of dolce, thinking that a fish restaurant probably wouldn’t do such a great job – but we were very pleasantly surprised.

We had totally indulged, it was warm, the sun was shining and life was good. What to do next? Well, the other great drawcard of this restaurant is that you can take up one of the lounge chairs in the front of the restaurant and either sleep off lunch, or go for a swim – I was in heaven!

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Da Adolfo restaurant near Positan

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